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I’m BAAAAAAAAACK (Not that you would have even known)

Okay guys, I’ve had this twice before. Back in ’07 might have been my last attempt. Kinda strange to start it up again halfway through the LCS, but I pay for it so why the hell not? We’ll do a quick into before I start bleeding my pinstripes.

My name is Mike and I’m 19 years old. I know baseball like the back of my hand. My dream is to play for my Yankees but for now I can settle with blogging about them. Plus their rotation is gonna be a little heavy next year so why bother : P. Anyway, I am the guy who loves strategies and peskiness in a game, which makes it ironic to root for this team no? Well the navy blue has been in my blood for generations. I knew all the baseball teams when I was speaking. I used to rattle off stats and names of great Yankees when I was 10, yelling at adults who couldn’t keep up with my analysis of the sport. My favorite players go like this: Don Mattingly, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, Bubba Crosby, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, no particular order besides Donnie Baseball at the top. And yes, I said Bubba Crosby. The guy is a hustler and nobody screamed louder than me when he hit that walk-off shot against Baltimore on September 15th, 2005. I didn’t even have to google that.

Tonight we got the big dog, CC on the mound pitching on short rest. I’m looking for him to come up aces again, and he will. Nothing close to Al Leiter’s perfect game prediction on MLB.com but he will move the Yankees one win from a World Series trip. I saw him pitch live during Game 1 (I actually got on TBS that night, I’ll post the pic) Now call me crazy but losing last night might have been a good thing in disguise. It showed at moments Girardi might be overanalyzing and acting on it, this could cause him to chill it down a bit. But for the most part he has been pretty damn smart, starting it off by switching Jeter and Damon in the leadoff and 2 spot. That resulted in a MVP-caliber Jeter and a clutch contract year from Johnny. He put Hughes into the bullpen and immediately put up some eye popping stats. He went 20 something innings without allowing a run in the ‘pen, no? Not only that, he evoled Aceves from a back end rotation guy into a plus inning, lights out reliever. He burned out a bit toward the finish line and last night wasn’t his best moves, but the small sample size is unjust. David Robertson, now dubbed as Houdini, has been perfect in getting out of jams whether he inherits them or creates them himself. Kudos to Girardi for keeping him in those situations to get him to deal with such pressure.

Now back to these playoffs. I believe today we face Scott Kazmir, aka the new Pedro Martinez (for Yankee fans). I think MLB’s article featured a ridiculous amount of sub .200 batting averages in our starting lineup, but we’ve beaten the guy before. He also owned at Fenway and he got lit up like a Christmas Tree during his Game 3 ALDS start (luckily for him, Papelbon got BLASTED in the 9th…no complaints about that punk though). Anything happens in the playoffs, we’ve seen this guy who hits like Griffey in his prime then turns into Cody Ransom when the calender hits the 10th month. But in a flash, Alex Rodriguez has turned over a new leaf. His late inning home runs used to be garbage time rockets to pad his stats to now tie the game in the final three outs. I will swear on my own grave that I have backed this guy through thick and thin as a Yankee, when you want someone to earn their money you don’t press them to do it, you let them do your job. Sadly he got in his own way for the first couple years and now he has come into his own when it matters the most. Add that to Jeter’s consistent ability to beat you whatever way possible, Mariano Rivera (the name is enough to speak volumes), and for ONCE great pitching, we could take 2 more Games from this pesky Angels club and move on to the big stage.

I envisioned the Yankees facing the Angels in the ALCS not because I was afraid of Boston (winning what, 9 out of 10 is gonnna make me pee in my pants?), but because we had to prove something against this club. They have the best record against us in the past 15 or so years, and we managed to pull an even 5-5 this year. Now up 2-1, we gotta keep putting them away early before they can throw the damn Rally Monkey in our face.

Hopefully, you readers and fellow bloggers take note of this thingy. And hopefully, CC throws a $161 million gem.

Also, some quick notes about the postseason thus far…

– Thank God the Rockies got knocked out in the NLDS. No offense Colorado, it was beautiful when I stopped there on a vacation, but god forbid my Yanks faced them in the World Series, the temperature would make Game 1 and 2 seem like they were on the beach. Great comeback to come and win the Wild Card, but I hate your fall weather.

– Dustin Pedroia is a punk for calling out the Red Sox grounds crew because he couldn’t field a ground ball. He’s just mad that they don’t do the YMCA like our grounds crew does in the 7th inning.

– Papelbon can’t carry Mo’s jock strap.

– The Phillies look serious about contending for a second straight ring. If we get there, I see a long played out series with our names at the top. But I think they could topple the Angels with their rotation.

– This LCS has brought up some rumors of Chone Figgins coming to New York in the offseason? We’ll see how the process goes with Matsui and Damon goes.

– Tex’s defense has saved the Yankees SO much. Not just the bat all year, but that glove makes me despise any other 1B.

– Not the slightest bit surprised by Derek Jeter. He has what, 20 homers in the playoffs now?