Yankees Back To 103 Win Form, Tying The Series

Now, tonight was how the Yankees play baseball. Home runs, hit and runs, electric performance pitching, and Mariano finishing it off. Burnett took all the critics’ pens and shoved them where the sun don’t shine with seven great innings of one run ball, and 9 K’s for the icing on the cake. Then Tex and Matsui broke out the lumber with some deep shots off Pedro, who was good but not good enough. Despite the typical umpiring getting in the way, we eked out a 3-1 victory to knot up the Fall Classic going into Philly.

Now I believe the Phillies have Hamels and then either Happ or Blanton going in Game 3 and 4. We have Pettite on Saturday night and I feel confident he can throw a big game for us. Hamels has been shaky and I see him shaping up but still not matching Big Game Andy on the road. Girardi’s call to get six outs from Rivera was harmless in that it worked and the day off will leave Mo rearing to go again. But Hughes needs to step up and Robertson needs to stay in the strike zone more often, Bruney shouldn’t even be on the roster missing the first two rounds. It’s a surprise Marte has been good thus far. They just need to pitch confidently instead of letting the adrenaline and pressure break them.

I might post some more tomorrow (or to be smarta$$, later today). Until then, we’re still Pedro’s daddy =]


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