Damn you, Cliff Lee

I have to tip my hat to Cliff Lee and Chase Utley for dominating us last night in Game 1. CC made two mistakes and he paid for it, that’s what a good team does. Cliff Lee was so effective over the first four innings that later on he was missing his spots, leaving pitches over the plate but still had the Yankees guessing and missing. Of course, his hat was so brown he might as well have brought a whole bat out to the mount for pine tar. The whole offense crapped out outside of Jeter’s three hit night. Matsui should have stayed close to first when he saw Rolins could have caught that ball – and he did – but instead we got doubled up and killed any chance of a rally. Hughes needs to start throwing strikes badly, he faced two batters and walked both? You cannot do that ever, let alone the World Series. He prefers to start an inning but all he did was put the game out of reach. Should it still have been 2-1, Lidge might have been in the 9th instead, nothing against how well he’s done in the postseason but we rallied off Nathan and Fuentes already.

Tonight is a huge game but we can’t play like there’s pressure on us. Burnett is going against Pedro, and either of them will be bombed or pitch like aces.We’ll have to see what happens: I predict Cano or Tex having a big game.


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