Jimmy Rollins : Cashing a Bounced Check?

Think, before you speak. A wise phrase we’ve all heard from our elders.

Yeah, like I listen to that. And neither does Jimmy Rollins. It’s one thing to predict winning the division in Spring Training. You have 162 games after that training month to get your crap together. To call a five game World Series in favor of your team on Game 1’s eve sounds more like arrogance than confidence if you ask me. You’re not playing 15-20 different teams over six months. You get a week of hardball pitting the best two teams in Major League Baseball. The offensive juggernaut that I’ve rooted for all year has been relatively classy about their opponent, this doesn’t cut me deeply but if A-Rod said something like this, the headline would be “A-Rod loves attention; Calls for Yankee victory in 5.” Rollins is a good ballplayer and it will be a series to remember. Mariano put it nicely when he was asked for a response to Jimmy:


“That’s not what’s going to happen,” Yankees closer Mariano Rivera
said. “What he says and what’s going to happen is far from that. We’ll
see what happens.”

Sounds like Mo took it well. Hopefully the Yankees use this as fuel so Rollins can be speechless after Game 5 comes around and he’s sitting on the wrong side : P

It’s past midnight, which makes today GAME 1! LET THE SERIES BEGIN!


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