Can This Series Start Already?

Seriously, the “hype” is getting ridiculous. The Turnpike Series? The Liberty Series? It’s the goddamn World Series, you can’t make some stupid pun that only worked for the 2000 Yankees vs. Mets “Subway Series”, or the could have been “Freeway Series” with the Angels and Dodgers. I’m getting sick of the MLB articles once again, dissecting every angle of the series – twice. I understand some people have to write these to make their living but cut the off days. The Yankees clinched their 1996 Series on October 26, 1996 over the Braves. (Didn’t google it :P) This World Series doesn’t even begin until tomorrow, which would be October 28th. Who wants to see baseball in November? Every game is going to be ice cold now, it’s all on the East Coast and nowhere near sunny Florida. I just wanna see my Yanks play ball, I’ve got my faith in the team but the Phillies are a hell of a team too. They match up eye to eye better than any team we’ve faced yet. Lee and CC will be one of those matchups for the ages, if you haven’t heard forty times yet. Somehow Utley and Rollins are considered better than Jeter and Cano though. Funny. But there aren’t too many weak outs in that lineup, and I think Swisher could cause a huge problem if he doesn’t hit in this series.



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