Yankees Clinch! Time to face the Phillies

Finally, the stage is set again. The Yankees have clinched a trip to the World Series. Everyone said we couldn’t beat the Angels over and over. Well, we did. It took 6 nerve wracking games but the job was done. And what better way than Andy Pettitte turning in an awesome start and watching Mo fire two innings to end the Halo’s season and extend ours. That strikeout pumped me up, and the Stadium seemed to be shaking when the cameras were trying to focus on the field. For the first time in six years we got back to the big stage – and we can win it for the first time in nine. 4 more wins can put a hell of a stamp on the first year of this new stadium. And I think they’ve got the tools to do so in convincing fashion.

Pretty much every year after 2004 you couldn’t gurantee anything before it was played out, and I had my doubts about our pitching or the few holes in our lineup since. But this year, as October approached I had that gut feeling we were gonna go all the way. Once we overmatched Boston the second half of the year, we broke even with the Angels in the season series where we usually get blown to bits, our bullpen wasn’t constantly faltering, I felt like something great was in the works.

It would be the storybook ending for the “old guard” of Yankees, with Jeter, Pettitte, Mo, and Posada all heading towards what might be somewhat of a decline after this year. Pettitte is a free agent, Mariano is god-like but you never know when the magic will run out, Jorge’s skills are slowly fading and you can see it, and Jeter can hopefully keep up with a career year but at 35 you never know. A-Rod has now shown he can swing the stick when it counts, Tex hasn’t had the bat for the most part (but a clutch walk-off HR against the Twins and that bases-clearing triple against the Angels were huge) but his glove work has been beyond amazing. The guy never ceases to amaze you with that defense. That Gold Glove better be his.

Now, the Phillies are a huge obstacle. They have Cliff Lee, who very well could outduel even the red-hot CC Sabathia on any given day. Their offense is lethal as well, and Lidge is the only closer who hasn’t fallen apart this postseason besides Mariano. We’ll have to see how this World Series plays out, but as of now I take my Yanks in 5.


One comment

  1. Jane Heller

    I like your prediction! It’s true that Cliff Lee has been amazing and the Phillies are a great team, not to mention the defending World Champs. But I like our chances, especially at home. Imagine if Tex gets hot at the plate. There will be no stopping us.


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