Back to the Bronx

Why couldn’t we put them away? WHY? Burnett did a good job getting us off on the wrong foot, giving up 4 runs within the first 12 pitches of his outing. Just brilliant. Then of course the Yankees teased all of us by pounding Lackey and Co. for 6 runs in the seventh. Then a horrible combined outing by Hughes and Joba blew the lead and eventually the game. Give credit to Torii Hunter, Kendry Morales and Vlad Guerrero for getting the job done, but we sure made it easy with the bullpen. Game 5 should have been it. When Tex drove in those runs with the bases clearing double, I had a feeling this was the last game of the series. Even when Fuentes came in for the 9th I felt like we had it. Then the game landed in Nick Swisher’s lap. He was dumb enough for swinging at the first two pitches of that at-bat (Slap Tex in the face for also popping up on the first pitch he saw in the 9th). He looks like he’s trying to hit a six run homer every time and hurting himself. You gotta take it one step at a time, A-Rod cracked two singles in Game 1 to get those demons off his chest before the big bombs came in. At least we saw Mo stop the bleeding and show he’s still consistently dominant in October.

Like I said, this Angels team is determined. They felt like they had momentum coming off a 10-1 loss, let alone this roller coaster nail-biter. At least we head back to the Stadium, because when these tie games come down to the wire, we get our last licks which is where we thrive. I see Pettitte either going dominant or does nothing. Girardi needs to relax with this bullpen, he is wayyyyy too jumpy. Then again, Marte is nothing special so you never know when he’s gonna get lit up. This team is pesky and makes rallies out of nothing. And to people who question Scoscia’s move to have the hot hitting Mathis bunt, look where it went. Doesn’t matter if the guy was 6 for his last 6, he’s a career .200 hitter and you need to move runners late in the game. And Weaver coming in the 8th inning shutting us down? Took a page out of Joe’s book if you ask me (see Hughes, Phil). That will give him quite a confidence boost heading into Game 7 if it comes around.

I don’t know what to say about the Yankees right now, last night was a letdown. Swisher needs to come around because when the heart of the order starts a rally it comes down to him. It’s like a cleanup hitter at the bottom of the order, or at least he used to be.

Pettitte is my favorite current Yankee and if anyone is gonna carry them to the World Series Saturday night, it should be him.


One comment

  1. devilabrit

    tough loss, but back at home a win can make the celebrations much more fun….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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