Game 4 ALCS Update: Umpires are 2004-2007 playoff A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez must have stolen the late season awakeness from these umpires. Tim McClelland wasn’t even looking at Nick Swisher when he was tagging up from third base. COME ON, HOW DO YOU CALL THAT? It doesn’t sound good when you call the guy safe because you didn’t actually see whether he was there or not, but it’s a thousand times worse when you call him out and instant replay shows you were checkin’ out Torii Hunter in center. Not to mention the fact Cano was off third base by a foot when he got tagged on that weird rundown. I’ll take A-Rod’s revival however. Jesus Christ, 5 home runs in the playoffs this year? 8 straight games with an RBI? Now let’s see how many people get on his case for clutch hitting.

Oh yeah, where’s those stats about how guys can’t pitch in the playoffs on short rest? Where? Oh, up your A**! Sabathia is heading out for the 8th with a line of one run, five hits, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts. 92 pitches, 60 strikes and 32 balls. MAN, he can’t pitch on short rest can he…


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    Hey the main thing is that we need to limit free passes. Giving offensive teams free passes is like playing with a bomb, its bound to explode. No Extra outs! Ive been watching the Phillies and they take advantage of the slightest opportunities and just live and die by the 3-run home run. As far as umpires, make up calls are stupid. Swisher was out at second and he did NOT leave early at 3rd base. McClelland was looking at the catch Hunter was about to make and not at swisher’s foot. It was such a make up call. Swisher was out at second base on that pickoff but it was very blatant the way mcClelland made that tag-up call on Nick the stick. He immediately called him out. Robinson needs to go back to little league and learn that he is the runner who becomes the occupant of 3rd base. Posada is out. Cano touched the bag first while Napoli had Jorgey in the pickle, therfore he becomes the occupant. Im pretty sure. I could be wrong like an idiot but I think thats the rule. As I said before dont give the Phillies extra outs. Attack them, and make them put the ball in play.

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